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E3 – Excitement Expired Entirely

Back in the ancient times, when internet wasn’t so widely available, monthly video-games magazines were the only source of information about Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles show for most of us. Back then, everything seemed to be completely different, almost magical. All those pages filled with colourful screenshots and tons of information about new reveals trying to describe what we couldn’t experience with our own eyes. Our childish imagination was running wild making everything seem better and more magnificent.

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The brilliance of SMT: Strange Journey

Some time ago Atlus revealed they are working on 3DS versions of Radiant Historia and Strange Journey. Despite the fact, I’ve hoped for an actual sequels rather than reworks of  the originals, it’s still a great news for those who missed out on those gems back in the original DS days. I don’t know if those games will get a release in the western territories, but if they do there will be no excuse to pass up on one of the best games developed by Atlus . Continue reading “The brilliance of SMT: Strange Journey”

The heart of the beast

For the most of us 2016 will be remembered as a rather grim and disturbing year of lost hopes and sad outcomes, even if in actual comparison with its predecessors, it wasn’t as bad as people may feel about it. Whatever is your outlook on the past year, it’s already gone which helps gaining a better perception on what really happened and evaluate it with a more objective overview. Despite all the affairs and drama from a viewpoint of a gamer 2016 wasn’t such a bad year after all.

I might complain that some games I waited for didn’t make the cut into 2016, still last year will be remembered as a year of fulfilled promises. After ridiculous amount of waiting in uncertainty we behold the releases of Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian and Owlboy, which were in development limbo for years and thought by many to be lost to the world of gaming. After so many years games tend to end up as disappointments, often making you wonder what took them so much time. The cases of titles like Too Human, Duke Nukem Forever or more recently Devil’s Third (my heart still aches because that last one) are prominent examples of such outcome. Continue reading “The heart of the beast”

Are those the footsteps of survivors or…?


I fell in love with Resident Evil games fairly late in my life. Especially for a series that been with us for a 20 years already. Of course I’ve played them as a teenager (despite “Mature” rating) but back then I was more of a Silent Hill fan. The disturbing and obscure style of Konami game was more appropriate for my my snobbish tastes of a pretentious art-studying teen, who was in love with David Lynch films. Continue reading “Are those the footsteps of survivors or…?”

Walking straight into trap

re4 bear trap

Massive hype and equally massive disappointment isn’t nothing new in the video game world but for last few years it became quite a marathon of spectacular let downs. Of course it’s not  like gamers have only themselves to blame for such situation. Publishers tend to use every possible PR-tactic, misinformation and plain lies to sell you their product. Still, in the end we are the ones who walk into giant bear trap at our own free will. And when we finally fall into it at the cash register/internet shop, there’s no way to escape. We got scammed, shame on us. Continue reading “Walking straight into trap”

Like an Icarus towards the sun…


We live in a strange (and possibly dreadful) era for video games. There is a whole Virtual Reality tech just right on our doorstep, smart devices overtake more and more of the market and the whole industry starts to go toe to toe with Hollywood (which is more bad than good). All of those are result of insanely rapid advances in processing power of modern machines and it’s getting just more and more crazy (current arms race between Nividia and AMD is beyond my comprehension). Just some time ago 1080p/60fps was a dream everyone was yearning for. Now 4K is the real deal and 1080p is for console playing peasants. The question is what is beyond that and where is the final frontier? Continue reading “Like an Icarus towards the sun…”

The twilight year of Wii U


Rumours of Nintendo shutting down Wii U production at the end of the year spread like wildfire across the internet. Nintendo quickly denied whole thing, but it can’t escape the fact that everyone at this point know that the Wii U is dying. It comes as no surprise as the console in terms of sales is disappointment not only by comparison to juggernauts like Wii and SNES but also to less successful hardware like Gamecube. This fact alone give us grim perspective but combined with the internet just boiling with rumours and leaks about NX, it leaves no hope at all  for the Wii U. Continue reading “The twilight year of Wii U”

The brilliance of Dark Souls


Fighting through the lovecraftian challenges of Yarnham is a breathtaking experience that make a laughingstock out of games such as Fallout 4 or Witcher 3. Yet, despite all the horrifying beauty, Bloodborne isn’t flawless. And those flaws make it stumble on its way to the throne of gaming greatness. The top is beyond Bloodborne’s reach, and the king, in form of first Dark Souls, is still in reign.

Dark Souls is a diamond that captures the essence of gaming in a way few games do. It’s not as polished as some AAA titles and it shows roughness around the edges, but it’s shine with beauty of a true gem. In contrary to many glass lookalikes. For me Dark Souls is, next to Strange Journey, the best game of the past generation, bringing to the industry long forgotten virtues of electronic entertainment.
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The most anticipated games of 2016 – Part 2


Here is the second part of my mostly anticipated games of 2016. This time there are no AAA-juggernauts, rather second-rate titles or handheld and indie productions. Yet the fact they have smaller budgets or they aren’t from as popular franchises as previously doesn’t mean they are not worth your consideration. On the contrary – some of them looks extremely solid and may surprise us during this year. Some of them might be even the best ones… Continue reading “The most anticipated games of 2016 – Part 2”

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